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Committed to keeping families together:

Driven by innovation in family education, has pioneered many of the conveniences that families are now able to take advantage of – online customizable classes, flexible scheduling, multi-lingual classes, cost efficient and evidence based.

The primary market for are parents/families who are in transition and court ordered to attend a co-parenting, parenting skills or high conflict class, required by law in order to obtain a final judgment where children are involved. Classes offered through consist of Co-Parenting/Divorce , Parenting Skills and Anger Management. Working with state and county agencies, our competitive edge in the industry is guaranteed compliance. All programs are guaranteed to fulfill mandated court requirements. If for any reason any program offered is not accepted by the courts, we will offer a refund up to 30 days of completion.

Customer Service is essential

We recognize that this transition period is stressful for the entire family. The website includes multiple call lines, contact forms and extended hours of operation for parents to speak to our staff. We make every effort to correspond with our families in a timely manner because we do care and we want to help.

Key to success:

Our strong and indispensable relationships with our parents, families and counties
Our continually growing and maintaining a referral network of supporting companies
We offer wide range of resource materials and class content
We provide exceptional customer service
We are reliability, dependability and proven successful
Ongoing support and updates is owned and operated by Extended Learning Center, Inc., a Nevada based C Corporation. Extended Learning Center is a leading provider of online family education programs and has over a 99% parent approval rating. Our company believes that working closely with counties provides parents and families the tools that will equip them to better communicate will create success family interaction and long term adjustment.

You Matter! works closely with family courts across the country, ensuring that you continue to receive the most relevant, up-to-date family education.

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  5. 204 West Spear Street
    Carson City, NV 89703

We offer access to divorce and parenting resource materials, legal and legislative information, and a variety of articles for parents and children. This is an effort of offering as much support as we are able during this process.

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4, 6 and 8 Hour Online
Co-Parenting Classes

Co-parenting classes are for divorcing or never married parents who are raising children between multiple homes and mandated by the courts to attend a
co-parenting class. Sign-up NOW

4, 6 and 8 Hour Online
Divorce Classes

Divorce classes focus on the divorce, your co-parent, your children & communication. Divorce classes may be mandated by your county in order to obtain final decree. Sign-up NOW

Anger Management
Co-Parenting Class

Our anger management is designed for the co-parents mandated by the court to take a high-conflict program. This is also effective for co-parents experiencing conflict and anger. Sign-up NOW