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This course was extremely helpful, gave me a sense of peace, taught me how to handle things appropriately or a gentle reminder. Just hoping it can do the same for others, including my husband. Jennifer, WA

I don’t have any comments at this time except for my experience was positive and I would recommend it to anyone. Benjamin, MT

I feel that this should be a mandatory course for all parents involved in the court system. This has allowed me to have a greater understanding about my co-parent. David, CA

I think this is a great class, all couples weather divorcing or separating should take it. Alexis, MS

This class was very informative, I wish that all parents were required to take a version of it even if they aren't separating or getting a divorce! The communication tips are great and I know that everyone can benefit from those. Kimberly, GA

It was a good class to take it helped out a lot and answered many of my questions. Maria, WA

Thank you very much for the enriching experience I had during the class. It helped me realize so many things as a parent and it made me become a more mature and responsible individual. Again thank you and more power. Crisostomo, NV

Very helpful, thank you! Mike, FL

I thought this class was very helpful in opening my eyes on how to properly co-parent. Scott, TX

Good class, very insightful. Jeff, CO

I think the class has helped me out on topics that I myself was encountering. Thank you! Gabriel, CA

This class was very educational and will help me communicate better with my children and co-parent. Stephanie, TX

I really like this course because being a victim of domestic violence; I really did not feel comfortable to be in a room with men. I was able to do this at my pace and therefore became easier to understand and retain. Thank for you program. Enedina, WA

Child Sharing was the easiest to access at home and gave me 30 days to complete, which was nice. I don’t have time to sit for 4 hours to complete the class. Child Sharing gave me the opportunity to do what I needed to do when it was convenient for me. Sonnie, CO

I think this is a fantastic class and even though I thought I knew what to do I learned more. Tana, WA

This should be a required class judges mandate must be taken for all parents going thru a divorce. Very detailed information, great suggestions and just well put together. I have truly become a better co-parent for the sake of our child. George, CA

I only took this class because it was court-ordered but I am glad I did. It was very informative and beneficial. I highly recommend it to all divorcing parents. Steven, MD

Very helpful, especially making it web available for those that does not have time to attend the class at one of the sites. Kathleen, GA

I appreciate everything that this program has helped me and it has calmed me down a lot. I would recommend theses classes to other parents that are going through separation or divorce. Mitchell, AR

It was a very educational and enriching course. I plan to use it to prepare my family for our future ahead! Bernadette, KY

This online parenting class would help me deal much better with co-parent after reading all the tips. Also, it will help me create a more loving, safe and happy relationship with my children. I would recommend all parents undergoing divorce or planning to have a divorce to visit this website and go through the online class to be able to raise their children properly and to be able to maintain a good harmonious relationship with co-parent for the benefit of their children's well being. Cielito, NV

I thought I knew what to do but going over the parenting class gave me better knowledge of what must be done as parents, (both). Thank you for the class, it is informative. Isabel, FL

Was easily accessible, and was a good learning tool from the comfort of my home. Susan, CA

Website accessibility is outstanding and navigation is simple. It feels Good knowing that I've been doing a lot of the things you recommended for good parenting. There were some great suggestions for long distance parenting. Also, I learned some alarming things about being victim of parental alienation. Apparently, it is a common occurrence, which is frightening. Anyway, I learned some new things, which is always positive. Thank you very much! Jeffrey, CA

Great program. Very Helpful. Covered the basics and gave the perfect amount of details without being overwhelming. Alvin, CA

I believe that OnlineParentingPrograms is a great program that all separating or divorcing parents should take. It goes over the basics and explains how to handle situations that can occur. Summer, KY

Thank you OnlineParentingPrograms for helping me get through this transition, information was very helpful. Keep up the good work! Tam, NV

I feel a lot better after taking this course. I had so many questions about if I was doing the right thing, and even though I was it helped me feel more confident. Chastidy, FL

I believe greater emphasis should be given to divorcing parents to take this course as early on in the process as possible. I believe that I would have been helped more in some areas had I taken this course months ago. Over all it is very eye opening and helpful course. Thank you. Kelley, GA

I really liked this course especially the videos, they are real life, not fake. It really happens to me and I would like to see more scenarios if I had to again. I know there are a lot of dads that need help with the court system and sometimes do not know how to react with mothers that think dads do not have the right. I wish you guys could put more resources of parenting for dads. Not just mothers. Alberto, CA

Me and my spouse have been separated going on four years, I wish I would have had access to this course when the separation was still fresh because it would have helped me to save myself and our child a lot of grief! Divorce is not the end; it is the beginning of something else! Kenneth, FL

This help me a lot in the aspect of I was angry all the time that me and my ex were trying to come into and agreement but we always ended up arguing and this program I learn to be more patience and understanding on our children’s needs instead of us the parents. Lino, CA

This was very educational and mind and eye opening and i believe that my son and I will really benefit from this online class. There were topics that made me look forward to a more successful parenting plan. Thank You. Amanda, WA

This class was ordered by the court for me to take but I also wanted to take it because I needed some help dealing with some issues and how to deal with them better and this class really help me put things into perspective I found out that there is many things I can do in my part to make things easier for my kids which that is the most important thing for me. Veronica, WA

Thank you so much for having this option. In the situation we are facing now I didn't have time to go and sit for 4 hours in a class, and being able to log back in at my convenience was truly a blessing. The information was so clear and precise it helped out tremendously. Chad, WA

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We offer access to divorce and parenting resource materials, legal and legislative information, and a variety of articles for parents and children. This is an effort of offering as much support as we are able during this process.

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